Tree Removal

Don't Worry About That Dangerous Tree

Trust our expert for tree removal services in Mulvane & Derby, KS

Removing dead or dying trees is always a dangerous job, so make sure you have a tree removal expert by your side. You can avoid the risk of injury and property damage by calling Hill Tree Service LLC of Mulvane & Derby, KS. No matter how tall your tree is, we can remove it safely and efficiently.

Call 316-749-0921 to schedule tree removal services at your home or place of business.

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5 signs it's time to take down that tree

Dead or dying trees can pose a serious hazard. You'll want to arrange for tree removal services if:

  1. A tree is hollow to the touch
  2. A tree is infested with insects
  3. A tree has dead or dying branches
  4. A tree shows mold or fungus growth
  5. A tree is leaning too close to your telephone lines

If you suspect a tree on your property might pose a threat, call our tree removal experts right away.